Flexible Cares.

Flexible is committed to conducting business in a sustainable, environment-friendly way. That's why in 2011 we installed a recycle plant at our Indonesian factory in order to further enhance our waste recycling capabilities. The new recycling facility allows us to directly recycle any manufacturing off cuts and redundant stock holdings. The plant is not only eco-friendly, but also gives us a cost-saving advantage over our competitors.

We also encourage the use of degradable additives in all our bags, liners, and sheets. Our preferred additives brands speak for themselves and are used by trusted packaging companies all over the world.

EPI™ TDPA Technology is used to manufacture products that are used in the plastics, packaging, composting and waste disposal industries by EPI licensees worldwide. Products manufactured using EPI's licensed and patented processes will display EPI's logo, indicating that all materials are fully degradable and/or compostable by photo/chemical/thermal processes in landfills and compost sites. In the case of litter, products produced using EPI's TDPA™ Technology will also degrade through photochemical processes in the environment. EPI's TDPA™ Technology makes it possible for everyone, from the individual consumer to large corporations, to use plastics designed for short-term use with a clear conscience. http://www.epi-global.com

Plastic products manufactured with EPI's TDPA™ Technology progressively degrade to lower and lower molecular weights, become brittle, disintegrate, and are ultimately digested by micro-organisms back to the basic elements of carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2 O), and biomass with no harmful residues. TDPA™ Technology can control the degradation rates of plastic from as short as a few weeks to months or years, subject to a variety of environmental conditions. EPI's TDPA™ Technology does not affect bacteria, fungi or earthworms and leaves no toxic by-products.